engagement :: daniel & jennifer


Before I show you Daniel & Jennifer’s wedding photos I thought I would show you the never published to the blog before photos from last fall!

Please meet Dan & Jen the couple!

We shot their engagement photos at Cornation Park in Oakville on the waterfront. It was a gorgeous location with lots of areas to shoot but boy was it cold and windy near the water. You would never know from their happy lovey dovey expressions.

My favourite photos from the shoot are the ones of them sitting on the beach stones with the lovely golden light. I adore the lighting!


weekend date :: strawberry picking

Ty and I went strawberry picking just this past weekend!
It was one of the things on our summer bucket-list.
I had fun! Ty got a little bored half-way through and just took pictures instead.
Looking back now….I’m not sure we really needed 6qts of strawberries, we are going to struggle to finish them before they go bad =s

Ty, the short time he actually picked berries

some of the larger berries that I found

the strawberry plants gave me hives all over my arms

all chopped up and ready to eat

mmmmmmmmmmm strawberries, mini angel food cake and photo editing

blue freezies

disclaimer: extremely photo heavy

Saturday we woke up bright and early to babysitting my cousin’s daughters (Maddison 11, Kenzie 2).

Thankfully they let us wake up slowly and eat breaky while they explored our apartment; it was their first time visiting.

We thought we would have a quiet morning and watch a movie; lilo and stitch. Kenzie wasn’t having it, she wanted to explore and play with our fridge magnets.

So, off to the park we went to get our wiggles out (the boy was a little sad, he wanted to watch the rest of the movie, he had never seen it before).

we played on the swings

and the slide

Kenzie pushed her big sister on the swings

and we collected mulch

and took pretty pictures; me and Kenzie (look at those eyes!)

we did handstands in the grass

and played on the bouncy cow

then when we are all tired we headed home(cutest picture of the boy and Kenzie)

Back at the apartment we were all hot and sticky so we had freezies, I’m not sure if Kenzie had ever had them before, she loved them! and wanted blue!

Maddison took up residence in the armchair with her laptop and stayed there for most of the afternoon.

Then we cooked grilled cheeses for lunch while the munchkin sat on the counter and kept us company. Seeing the boy with her melts my heart, they are too cute together =)

After lunch I tried to convince Kenzie she wanted a nap (really I wanted one) but she was having none of it. She did however, enjoy trying on almost every.single.bracelet that I own all at once!

awkward and awesome thursday

Blazer: RW&Co, Shirt: F21, Pants: Garage, Shoes: F21, Necklace: F21


– walking by a man talking about black history in front of union station, just as I’m about to pass him he says “miss…miss…forget about gaga…forget about gaga…” HUH?
– going to a bridal shower and winning the the prize for who knows the bride best trivia when i guessed on every. single. question.
– a Porsche with a roof rack, why would anyone do that?
– getting mosquito bites THROUGH my clothing, so itchy and I looked like a weirdo itching over my clothes
– running over my toe with my desk chair’s wheel, screaming in pain, boyfriend comes running, I explain…his response “really…you ran over your own toe….” and then he laughs at me cause what else do you do when someone runs over their own toe
– boyfriend telling me he has a date tonight…worrying for half a second about who or what it could be with…then tells me its with his friends to play left 4 dead *shakes head*


– going to a bridal shower at work; designing a wedding dress made entirely out of toilet paper and winning first place!!! =)
– coming home to dinner ready every day this week; beef fajitas, chicken stir fry, pizza. I have the best boyfriend ever!
– going out for dinner for date night and bringing home leftovers to eat later
– my new necklace that looks like a little purse and opens up to reveal a compartment that I can put tiny things inside…like wishes
– 2hr work appreciation BBQ; mmmm food – sausages, burgers, popcorn and ice cream (for those who can eat it, not me) AND a live band, games and temporary tattoos. I got a dragonfly on my arm.

date night wednesday

Jacket: Suzy Sher, Dress: Jane Norman (purchased in London, England), Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: purchased in Bahamas, Bracelet: purchase in Mexico

Do you like this dress? Its one of my favourites! I bought it at Jane Norman (definitely had to check the tag) on Oxford St in London, England when I went there for my grad trip after university. This outfit is definitely well traveled, dress from England, Bracelet from Mexico and necklace from Bahamas! I cant wait to plan my next trip.

Wednesday was date night!! The boy and I walked down to a nearby sports bar to take in the final NHL hockey game. Despite the loss it was a really fun night. We ate bruschetta, drank beer and talked during breaks. I had chicken pitas and onion rings and Ty had a burger and fries; Yum!

sunny tuesday

Shirt: F21, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: F21, Necklace: F21, Belt: F21, Camera Bag Purse: Jo Totes (rose)

Looking back now, Tuesday was a Forever 21 day. Since I discovered that store on my trip to NYC and then found one in Canada its become my obession; trendy clothes that I can actually afford! I also adore their jewelry collection. I love random unique necklaces and cant help but buy them every time I see them, especially at F21 prices. My goal for this 30 for 30 is also to only wear each necklace I own once.

I bought a new wireless remote for my camera today! The battery in my old one had died and its nice to have one that doesn’t require a cord and external receiver. The boy is in trouble now; I haven’t had a new photo of us in ages.

grey monday

Jacket (accessory): F21, Shirt: H&M, Pants: RW&Co, Shoes: American Eagle (Payless), Necklace: F21

Today was my first day of the 30 for 30. So far so good! Don’t know what 30 for 30 is? Go here.

I wore this to work, itsĀ  Monday so I went for something basic and comfy. The jacket is an accessory because its June; I shouldn’t have to wear jackets anymore and I don’t want to have to count it as one of my 30!

I had a serious case of the Mondays today, probably in part because I was exhausted from last nights Supertramp concert (which was AMAZING btw) and also because it was grey and raining. However, coming home to a clean kitchen and dinner cooking was wonderful!