package overload!

Two days in a row of photography packages!! Todays was even more exciting because not only have I been waiting a month, but its stuff for my new business dani lewis photography!

This package was a lot harder to photograph before opening…I wanted to see what was inside, it was like Christmas! LoL

Inside…non-descriptive packages…

First out! a pen with “dani lewis photography” down the side

Small stamp parts! Each stamp came in a box with a blank label (to be stamped with the stamp after assembly) a rubber piece that is the actual stamp (part with the writing on it) and a body which contains the ink pad and holds the whole thing together once assembled. The small stamp is pretty basic; it has my full name, wordpress blog and email on it.

Large stamp parts and detail! I was able to upload a picture of my logo and VistaPrint created a custom rubber stamp for me. Pretty cool eh?!

Stamped! So cool! =D

Everything! Two Stamps! Personalized Pen! and 500 Business Cards!!

Close-up the business cards!

Wow! I feel like a real photographer =D


2 thoughts on “package overload!

  1. Dani,

    Thanks for choosing us for your marketing materials. They look great and we wish you the best with your new business.

    Have a great day.

    Jeff Esposito
    Community Manager, Vistaprint

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