my NEW camera bag purse =)

I’m in LOVE with my new camera bag!

My sweet amazing boyfriend “surprised” me with an amazing Jo Totes camera bag purse for my birthday! He bought me the rose bag in teal =)

The Story behind the bag…

The boy was a dear and bought me the purse in the colour I wanted on the day I asked him to order it. But he hated that I knew what I was getting, he wanted it to be a surprise. So the cheeky monkey told me he ordered it to come to our apartment and I diligently checked our mail everyday for FOUR weeks!

Days before my birthday I started getting worried that it wasn’t going to get here on time so the boy agreed to call Jo Totes and see what was up. He told me that they had forgot to send it out after receiving the purchase information and that they would send it out immediately but it would be a week late =(

The day of my birthday arrives and still no purse. The boy bought me a cute card saying he was sorry it wasn’t here on time and off we went to enjoy birthday festivities! Dinner at Spice Avenue! Bowling! (I won the second game) Homemade Ice Cream Cake! And presents!

I opened all my gifts and then my Mum disappears upstairs and comes back with this large box in green wrapping paper. I open the card and its from Tyler!! Inside it says to enjoy opening the present, knowing Ty, this starts worrying me…and I had good reason to! The presents was wrapped in EIGHT layers of alternating green and pink birthday paper (I have a funny video but wordpress doesnt let you upload videos…) and then once I finally reach the box, he’s taped the entire box closed!

I love my new purse! Here are some photos I took of it.


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