dani lewis photography focuses on lifestyle photography.

  • maternity
  • newborn
  • toddler and children
  • family
  • couples and engagement
  • wedding
  • friends
  • portraits
  • events and parties

Danielle Lewis

I am terrible at writing these little blurbs about myself, I’d rather take pictures! Photography has been a passion of mine for forever. I took my first picture with an SLR at 7 years old; it was of my hamster Fuzz! It was love at first sight but it was many years and many film and a couple digital cameras before I bought my first professional DSLR camera.

I can be extremely outgoing or very shy, I am a geek at heart, I read sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve read LOTR cover to cover, I’ve watched all the Star Wars movies and all the Harry Potter movies too, but I am definitely a sucker for a good action or a romantic comedy, I love science and knowing how things work, genetics fascinates me and why we look the way we do, green eyes from Dad, freckles from Mom, I want to learn more about the outdoors and be able to name all the trees and plants in my area, I wont hesitate to pick up a toad or a frog but I hate touching live fish.

I have been in school forever (since I was two; really who’s parents put them in two years of educational pre-school before JK). I have a BSc in Biology with a specialization in Animal Physiology and am currently studying Software Development while also working towards a certificate in Photography.

Tyler Pierce

Awesome boyfriend and amazingly helpful assistant! Carries all my junk so I can focus on taking pictures but also rocks as a second shooter during large events.

the gear:
– Canon Rebel XS (my first SLR)
– Canon 7d
– Canon SD780 (little point and shoot that lives in my purse)
– Canon 18-55mm
– Canon 75-300mm
– Canon 50mm 1.8 (the lens that lives on my camera pretty much all the time)
– Sigma Ultra Wide 10-22mm
– Raynox clip-on macro filter
– Canon Speedlite 430EX
Manfrotto tripod


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