engagement :: daniel & jennifer


Before I show you Daniel & Jennifer’s wedding photos I thought I would show you the never published to the blog before photos from last fall!

Please meet Dan & Jen the couple!

We shot their engagement photos at Cornation Park in Oakville on the waterfront. It was a gorgeous location with lots of areas to shoot but boy was it cold and windy near the water. You would never know from their happy lovey dovey expressions.

My favourite photos from the shoot are the ones of them sitting on the beach stones with the lovely golden light. I adore the lighting!


engagement :: laddy and kyle

I was lucky enough to shoot this wonderful couple back in January. They were great to work with and willing to try anything to get the perfect shot! I feel like I HAVE to add what great sports they were; Canadian winters are COLD. It was -20C outside and they wore fancy coats; great for photos but not entirely appropriate for 2hrs outside in the cold. I think you will have to agree that it paid off; these pictures are amazing!

Check out this cute couple!

romance at the bandshell

a little bump love

the greenhouse

under the archway

smiles and cuddles

since the last post

Hello everyone!!!

WOW Its been forever since I last updated this blog, life got very hectic over the past couple months with school and everything else.

Here is some of what I have been working on while I was MIA.

Check out this cute couple that I shot back in January. They were great to work with and put up with the crazy cold temperatures for long enough to get some really good shots!


The couple that got me started working as a professional photographer is no longer a twosome. I shot their engagement photos and their wedding back in 2009 and 2010. Lucky me, I got to shoot some photos of their next big steps in 2011.

Doesn’t Amanda just glow with happiness. This photo was shot just a week before baby A was due.

Isn’t sweet baby A adorable?

More to come soon!!! =D

engagement :: jon and elizabeth

Hope you enjoy another couple from my photoshoot extravaganza day!!

Jon and Elizabeth are a super sweet, super in love couple that just got engaged before the holidays on their 4th anniversary. Elizabeth is also one of my photography friends, check out her flickr here.

This picture was definitely one of my favourites from their shoot! I’m really happy with how my fairy tale prop turned out =)

the bandshell was super fun too!

you can really see the love between these two ❤

and another favourite of mine, I love how her blue eyes POP and i love their smiles

cake smash :: baby c

I just had to post these photos =) I couldnt be happier with how they turned out and Ive been waiting a month to edit them!

Look at this wondeful cake my cousin made for baby c’s first birthday! I love how colourful it was and having the cake in a bunch of small pieces was great for baby c to enjoy and destroy!

check out these eyes ❤

sooo happy =)

tiny toes

the aftermath … ❤

garden family photos

Just finished editing a set of family photos I did in November. Despite being worried about the focus during the shoot  I think the photos turned out great!! I just hope I figure out the issue with my auto-focus soon….or learn how to shoot all manual fast!

This family was a lot of fun to work with! They were full of laughter and smiles, especially when the bench the boys were sitting on sank half a foot into the ground lol

I also really enjoyed doing some informal photos with the little boys at the park in the leaves, on the swings and then playing on the piano with their uncle.

these little brothers were too cute

the family dog, i was specially requested to get pictures of him as hes gone mostly blind and they are unsure how much longer he has, he was the biggest cutest dog =)

love fall colours and leaf piles!

love this set of photos with the boys playing on the piano with their uncle


newborn :: baby b

Its been a little while since I took these photos and baby b is a lot bigger now but I still wanted to share some. Baby b is my boyfriend’s second nephew and boy is he adorable, just like his big brother.

This shoot was a huge learning experience for me since it was my second ever newborn shoot. Thankfully I had all day to try and get my shots because baby b did not want to sleep. I’m really happy with the shots that I was able to get and all the learning I did with processing. Enjoy!