awkward and awesome thursday

Blazer: RW&Co, Shirt: F21, Pants: Garage, Shoes: F21, Necklace: F21


– walking by a man talking about black history in front of union station, just as I’m about to pass him he says “miss…miss…forget about gaga…forget about gaga…” HUH?
– going to a bridal shower and winning the the prize for who knows the bride best trivia when i guessed on every. single. question.
– a Porsche with a roof rack, why would anyone do that?
– getting mosquito bites THROUGH my clothing, so itchy and I looked like a weirdo itching over my clothes
– running over my toe with my desk chair’s wheel, screaming in pain, boyfriend comes running, I explain…his response “really…you ran over your own toe….” and then he laughs at me cause what else do you do when someone runs over their own toe
– boyfriend telling me he has a date tonight…worrying for half a second about who or what it could be with…then tells me its with his friends to play left 4 dead *shakes head*


– going to a bridal shower at work; designing a wedding dress made entirely out of toilet paper and winning first place!!! =)
– coming home to dinner ready every day this week; beef fajitas, chicken stir fry, pizza. I have the best boyfriend ever!
– going out for dinner for date night and bringing home leftovers to eat later
– my new necklace that looks like a little purse and opens up to reveal a compartment that I can put tiny things inside…like wishes
– 2hr work appreciation BBQ; mmmm food – sausages, burgers, popcorn and ice cream (for those who can eat it, not me) AND a live band, games and temporary tattoos. I got a dragonfly on my arm.


date night wednesday

Jacket: Suzy Sher, Dress: Jane Norman (purchased in London, England), Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: purchased in Bahamas, Bracelet: purchase in Mexico

Do you like this dress? Its one of my favourites! I bought it at Jane Norman (definitely had to check the tag) on Oxford St in London, England when I went there for my grad trip after university. This outfit is definitely well traveled, dress from England, Bracelet from Mexico and necklace from Bahamas! I cant wait to plan my next trip.

Wednesday was date night!! The boy and I walked down to a nearby sports bar to take in the final NHL hockey game. Despite the loss it was a really fun night. We ate bruschetta, drank beer and talked during breaks. I had chicken pitas and onion rings and Ty had a burger and fries; Yum!

sunny tuesday

Shirt: F21, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: F21, Necklace: F21, Belt: F21, Camera Bag Purse: Jo Totes (rose)

Looking back now, Tuesday was a Forever 21 day. Since I discovered that store on my trip to NYC and then found one in Canada its become my obession; trendy clothes that I can actually afford! I also adore their jewelry collection. I love random unique necklaces and cant help but buy them every time I see them, especially at F21 prices. My goal for this 30 for 30 is also to only wear each necklace I own once.

I bought a new wireless remote for my camera today! The battery in my old one had died and its nice to have one that doesn’t require a cord and external receiver. The boy is in trouble now; I haven’t had a new photo of us in ages.

grey monday

Jacket (accessory): F21, Shirt: H&M, Pants: RW&Co, Shoes: American Eagle (Payless), Necklace: F21

Today was my first day of the 30 for 30. So far so good! Don’t know what 30 for 30 is? Go here.

I wore this to work, itsĀ  Monday so I went for something basic and comfy. The jacket is an accessory because its June; I shouldn’t have to wear jackets anymore and I don’t want to have to count it as one of my 30!

I had a serious case of the Mondays today, probably in part because I was exhausted from last nights Supertramp concert (which was AMAZING btw) and also because it was grey and raining. However, coming home to a clean kitchen and dinner cooking was wonderful!